The "darling" of 3D printing filaments - Glow-in-the-dark filaments.


The "darling" of 3D printing filaments - Glow-in-the-dark filaments.

Hello everyone, this is the official Amolen blog.3D printing technology is a new manufacturing method for rapid production of prototypes and parts, and it has been widely used in various fields. 3D printing consumables are an indispensable part of 3D printing technology. This article will introduce a special 3D printing consumable - Glow in the dark Filament/luminous filament.

Glow Filament is a special 3D printing material that glows green or blue in the dark. It is a polymer composite consisting of a polymer matrix and a luminescent pigment component. Glow in the dark pigments absorb light energy during the day and glow in the dark. Therefore, when the light source is sufficient, the luminous filament can fully absorb light energy, and then emit continuous light at night.

Luminescent filament has a wide range of applications in 3D printing technology. It can be used to make luminous products, such as luminous toys, luminous decorations and luminous lamps. In industrial manufacturing, luminous filaments can also be used to make luminous signs, luminous switches and luminous dashboards, etc. In addition, the luminous filament can also be used to make night safety reminder signs and emergency lights, etc.

The production process of luminous filament is relatively simple. First, mix the polymer matrix and luminous pigment powder evenly, and then make the mixture into granular luminous filaments. In the 3D printing process, the luminous filament is similar to ordinary 3D printing materials, it only needs to be loaded into the 3D printer, and then printed according to the model to be printed.

Overall, Glow Filament is a very interesting and practical 3D printing filament.


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