What are the 3D model websites? Suggested collection for newbies.


What are the 3D model websites? Suggested collection for newbies.

Here are some of the popular 3D printing model websites in 2023:

Free websites:

 Thingiverse - This is probably the largest collection of free 3D printable models. It has a huge collection of 3D models uploaded by designers and makers. It has models for toys, gadgets, spare parts, etc.

 CGTrader - Another large community of 3D designers and makers sharing free 3D print models. It has over 1 million 3D models covering various categories.

 TurboSquid - Although primarily a paid 3D model marketplace, TurboSquid also has a good collection of free 3D models. They have high-quality 3D models in various file formats like STL, OBJ, 3DS, etc.

 Sketchfab - A platform to upload and share 3D models in a virtual reality environment. It has a dedicated section for free downloadable 3D print models. The quality of models varies but you can find some really good ones.

 GrabCAD - A community of mechanical engineers and designers sharing 3D CAD models. Although more focused on engineering designs, it also has a good number of generic 3D models suitable for 3D printing.

Paid websites:

• CGTrader - In addition to free 3D models, CGTrader also has a large collection of paid 3D models from professional 3D designers. The quality of paid models is usually much better.

• TurboSquid - TurboSquid is one of the largest marketplaces for paid 3D models. They have high-quality 3D models for 3D printing in a huge range of categories. Models are usually around $5 to $500 depending on the details.

• 3DOcean - Part of Envato, 3DOcean specializes in paid 3D print models, 3D materials, and tutorials. It features models from professional 3D designers and prices range from around $5 to $500.

 Sketchfab Store - The paid section of the Sketchfab platform where pro 3D designers can sell their high-quality 3D models, including ones suitable for 3D printing. Prices are comparable to other paid 3D model marketplaces.

 Cloth Modeling - Focused on 3D models for apparel and fashion products. If you are looking to 3D print clothes or accessories, this is a great resource. Models are created by 3D fashion designers and prices range from $25 to $500 typically.


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