Wholesale and Bulk Discounted 3D Filament: Maximize Your Savings


Wholesale and Bulk Discounted 3D Filament: Maximize Your Savings

Are you tired of constantly restocking your 3D printer filament? Do you find yourself going through spools faster than you can order them? If you’re a high-volume 3D printing enthusiast or business, it’s time to consider the advantages of buying filament in bulk.

Why Bulk Orders Rock

1. Non-Stop Printing Fun

Ever had to pause an epic print because you ran out of filament? With bulk rolls, those days are over. Keep your printer humming and your creativity flowing without those pesky interruptions.

2. Keep It Consistent

Switching spools can sometimes mess with your print quality. But with a hefty bulk roll, you get consistent material for days (or even weeks), ensuring every print is just as awesome as the last.

3. Save Big Bucks

Let’s face it, buying filament in bulk is way cheaper than ordering roll by roll. Think of all the money you’ll save—more cash for cool new printer upgrades or that snazzy new design software you’ve been eyeing.

Why AMOLEN is Your Filament BFF?

At AMOLEN, we’re all about delivering top-notch quality and making sure you’re a happy printer:

  • Superior Quality: Our PLA filaments are made from US-sourced materials and are manufactured to the highest standards. Your prints will look sharp and perform flawlessly.
  • Options for Cool Colors: Most bulk orders offer the same colors or just boring colors. Let's be honest—at Amolen, you can order any fun colors and mix them in your bulk order! Dual, Silk Triple, Rainbow, and Spiral—all the color options are available at Amolen!
  • Stellar Support: Got questions? Our friendly team is here to help via chat, email, or phone. We’re not just filament experts—we’re 3D printing aficionados ready to solve your printing woes.

Unbeatable Discounts for High-Volume Printing:

12+ rolls: 25% OFF automatically applied at checkout 
100+ rolls: 40% OFF discount automatically applied at checkout 
250+ rolls: Email us at amolen@amolen.com for even more discounts!

Is It Time to Bulk Up?

Thinking about diving into the bulk filament world? Here’s what to consider:

1. Business Benefits
Running a 3D printing business? Bulk filament is your best friend. Cut down on costs and keep those printers running non-stop. From prototypes to final products, you’ll be rolling in savings.

2. Large Projects
If you’re tackling large projects—like life-sized props or complex models—you’re going to burn through filament fast. Bulk rolls mean fewer interruptions and more time creating epic prints.

3. Brand Preference
Before you go all-in, make sure you love the brand. Try out a sample or a smaller spool first. Once you’re hooked on our quality, you’ll know bulk is the way to go.

4. Proper Storage
Filament longevity is crucial. Ensure you have suitable storage conditions to prevent filament from becoming brittle or absorbing moisture. Standard PLA should be stored in areas with 30-50% humidity.

Ready to Order?

Don’t wait! Head over to our website, choose from your favorite colors and materials, and place your bulk order today. For orders over 250 rolls, send us email at amolen@amolen.com for exclusive deals.

Join the AMOLEN family and experience the joy of seamless, cost-effective, high-quality 3D printing.

Print Beyond Limits with Amolen!


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